Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Updates!

Hey, everyone! This is Emilie, bringing you the Saturday updates. :) Just a few things I wanted to let you know about!
     New blog! And no, I don't mean we're getting an entirely new blog--AGAIN. I mean that we're trying to redesign the blog to make it look more appealing, haha! That black was really killing the mood.... Anyway, you might see a lot of changes coming, so stay tuned!
     New series! You probably noticed that we have this extra day where we don't post anything and it's just kind of awkward and crickets and stuff.... Well no longer!! I will be starting a new series next week about editing. Because let's face it; every single writer on the planet struggles at least a little bit with this. It's going to be fun and educational! Just like Dora the Explorer! (Wow, I'm sorry, guys, that was painful...)
     And just to make your weekend even better, here's a cute puppy dog.

You're welcome.
     Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! :)

Keep writing,
- Emilie

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