Friday, February 13, 2015

Guest Post - Emily Kap

Hello Everyone,

My name is Emily Kap.  I like chocolate, the stories of BBC, reading, and of course, writing.

When Patricia and Emilie invited me to write on their blog, I was a little stumped on what exactly to say, and the only line that I could come up with was,

"Hi, so . . . my name is Emily and I like writing."

(I's an impressive first line, right?)

But this really made me think about things: what defines someones writing career? What makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd? And what makes you stand out to yourself?

When I started to write, in all honesty, it wasn't actually because I wanted to write. My little 12 year-old self had a more complex plan than just writing out a fun story. The plan can be summarized by three words:

To blend in.

Of course it was by an odd fate that I had started my book right after my old sister had really, seriously, begun to write.

Obviously you all can see where this is going. I tried reallllly hard to be cool just like my big sister, going around and telling people that I had written a book, but the fuel to my fire slowly burnt off; the dream just wasn't mine, at least, writing a book that was in the same genre, and that practically had the same title as my older sister' just wasn't right.

So then I found this quote by C. S. Lewis:


Looking back on that first year of writing, I think that the biggest lesson that I learnt was to be myself! I can't just write in a category that is really popular at the present moment, but I need to write about what I really enjoy. 

When I really started writing for myself, I made sure to write out this quote and put it on my binder that I had stored all of the precious pages in - it was a reminder: writing isn't about looking cool, or fitting in, but about doing what you love, whether that is fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, or dystopian.  

Hopefully this post will help you all, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. :)  

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