Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blending Dialogue With Description - Post #1: "Keep Reading, Don't Skip This Part!"

As writers, we are entitled to everyone else's opinion. And when I say everyone, I mean pretty much everyone. Your writer friends, your critique group, and of course: your readers. Problems can and will happen. Here is a scenario:

You've just wrote the best chapter of your whole writing career. You FINALLY nailed the description. The main character has answered all of the five senses question, through the wonderful mastery of your description. You finish your final edit of the snippet, and you excitedly send it off to your critique group, or your writing buddies. Their job is to critique, right? Well, they won't have anything to critique... What you wrote was perfect.
Alas! The suspense! It is too great!
But finally... you hear that blessed noise. That wonderful, wonderful sound. The 'ding', which signifies that one of your buddies has replied.
You excitedly open the email, to uncover the mysterious praise, which your computer screen masks.
Wait a second... "Too much description?!?!" What is this? Why has your friend betrayed you like this? After all those years of being best friends and writing buddies... This is how it ends.
You continue to read what she wrote. "I found myself skipping the description, to get to the dialogue." Soon, sobs possess your whole being. How could she do this to you?? You spent DAYS on that description!! Read the rest of this blog post to find out... **vanishes in a puff of smoke**

Yohhhhkahhy. Maybe that was a bit dramatic. But, still. It happens.

We live in a strange generation... Our readers love drama. They want the dialogue. The interaction between the characters. They could care less what the scenery looked like.  But wait, since our generation has the majority of no imagination, you'd better throw just enough description in there so that they don't have to... **collective gasp** IMAGINE.

Buuutttttt... There is still a way to get your amazing description in with your much-craved dialogue. And that is what this new series is going to be about!

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned, next week, for the exciting 2nd post of this new series. Bye for now!

Haha, keep writing!

~Patricia Rane


  1. Your scenario sent a pulse of raw terror straight through my heart. *shudders* Lol. But seriously, I'm rotten at descriptions. Can't wait for your series!

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

    1. Thank you, Ally! I'm so glad that you've found us :)

  2. Oh nooo! :D How can you leave me hanging??? XD Can't wait for this new series to start.

    1. :D Alas! The suspense! It is too great! Haha, I'm happy that you found us, proverbs31teen :)