Friday, August 28, 2015



So, I promise that there's an explanation.

We left you. All alone. For the whole entire summer.

First of all, sorry. Secondly, life happens. Lastly, who would want to be inside - reading our blog on a gorgeous summer day, anyway?

This summer, my parents decided to take several different trips. Without our computers. Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Chicago... The list goes on. The vacations were simply splendid and I am not going to lie... It was nice taking a break from blogging/writing. Sometimes, your brain just needs a break.

Emilie's been busy all summer too. She moved about halfway through the summer. In other words, the first half was spent resting her brain and packing, and the second half was spent unpacking.

Anyway, we are alive and well and quite beautifully tanned (at least, hem, I am). Our plan is to begin posting the week that school starts for us. The schedule? Hmm. Well, we are going to be trying to post every other day. No promises though. The school that we are attending is quite demanding. Besides that, I have sports and she has theatre... We both have church activities, our own books to write, and lives to live. Sometimes blogging just won't work. Which is why we promise to try. But we do not promise to give you something every day.

The HUGE series kick-off that we had at the beginning of the summer is going to continue. We got positive feedback from y'all, and we feel that the topics that we picked are going to continue to be a great fit for our blog.

Thank you for your love and support. And hopefully we haven't lost all of our audience.

Keep writing!

Bye for now,

Patricia Rane ♥

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