Friday, March 20, 2015

Some News & Announcements

Good morning, my lovelies!

 I have some exciting announcements and some new information about our blog.

 Item numba one on our agenda is FWBM! Ravens and Writing Desks offered us to be their featured writing blog of the month! Emilie and I are so thankful for this opportunity, and I hope that you will check out our posts over there! Also, be sure to join their community, and sign up to get their posts!
A huge shout out and thank you to RaWD!! ♥

Item numba two is sort of an apology/explanation… You may or may not have noticed that this week, Emilie and I had a hard time posting regularly. It’s gotten a little bit hectic around both of our homes’. Emilie is currently starring in a play, which works her crazy hours… And my family is preparing for a Spring Break vacation to D.C. So… I hope you all understand that in the next few weeks, the posting may be a bit irregular.

And that bring me to item numba three: Spring break. Our spring break is rapidly approaching (yay), and I will be gone for the week. No Patricia posts that week. And depending on what Emilie’s family is doing that week, she may or may not be posting.


Item numba four… Actually, there is no ‘item numba four’. **laughs like a maniac**


Haha, keep writing!


~Patricia Rane

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